Are you a writer or speaker looking to grow your platform, reach and readership? can help you do just that! is an online Christian resource with 454 local websites serving more than 31,000 cities and towns. It offers tailored faith-enriching content for members. Along with a few dozen other benefits--both locally and nationally--it connects people of faith to information about books, blogs, speaking events, and other resources that interest them most. As a writer or speaker, it will allow you to connect with people specifically interested in your genre, subject or brand!

So, just what can offer you?

On You Can…

        1. For Free… List yourself as a speaker both locally and regionally (You'll need your own website  so we can link it from our site, but FaithHappenings is able to highlight your speaking in the local areas you have upcoming events, targeting people through requested emails from who live there!)
        2. For Free… Announce your book signings in your local area (and that means people will get emails about it because they have requested emails about book-related events)
        3.  List your books—both traditionally and self-published—in up to five genre categories (sent out to members who have requested to hear about new books in your genre)* 
        4. Announce special e-book promotions the day they happen (sent out to members and listed on the site daily!)* 
        5. Build your blog traffic by posting your blog into two categories, and be listed as a “Featured Blogger” on our Home Page*
        6. Post a Top-10 List from your book! If you can create it, FH Daily—our page of daily inspiration, humor, encouragement, and current events—will post it and mention your book (and it stays on our site forever)
        7. Be a highlighted “Author Interview." FH Daily runs author interviews several times a week. Just email to see if you qualify.
        8. Create short “Discipleship Moments” from your book to be featured on FH Daily. Just email to learn more.
        9. Create more awareness for your book with advertising! An ad on the global site or on FH Daily is affordable for any author.*
        10. As a free member yourself, you can receive e-mail announcements for any book in more than 70 genres
        11. Coming in 2016 or 2017 when we launch our dedicated "Author/Musician/Creative" landing page:

          • List yourself as a local author
          • List your new releases for people to see in your local area
          • Announce book-related events, groups and seminars in your local area


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