Geology Museum

School of Mines - 1310 Mapel Street,

Golden, CO, 80401+


The Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum, home to one of
the state's two Goodwill moon rocks collected during the Apollo 17 mission,
was started in 1874 and displays mineral, fossil, gemstone, meteorite and
historic mining artifact exhibits on two floors.

The museum serves as the state repository for Colorado's mineral heritage and
promotes its importance and understanding to the university community and the
public. It aims to inspire scientific curiosity through education and research
while encouraging appreciation of the earth and responsibility for its mineral,
fossil, meteorite and historic mining treasures.

The main floor exhibits feature specimens from many Colorado mining
districts, other global localities and an introductory video on area geology.
The Special Exhibit Room hosts prominent precious metal and invited displays.
The main gallery also showcases historic mining murals by Irwin Hoffman.

The basement contains numerous exhibits regarding radioactivity, fossils,
basic geology, gemstones, meteorites, ultraviolet minerals and underground
mining illumination. The outdoor geologic trail features seven outcrops with
various geologic and paleontological points of interest, including fossilized
dinosaur tracks, logs and leaves.

The Mines Geology Museum Gift Shop is on the lower level of
the building. The shop features surplus mineral specimens, lapidary materials
and equipment, fossils, books, fluorescent minerals, starter kits and related
materials. Specimens range from “starter” pieces for less than $1, to fine
specimens for the advanced collector.

Identification of specimens is performed between 10 a.m. and
noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Contact Information

Website: click to visit
Phone: 303-273-3815
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